Invitation to participate - Round Table Brazil event - “Workflow Management and Reproducibility”

17 Mar 2021

Dear RDA/ESIP Earth, space, and environmental science IG,
You are invited to participate in the next Round Table Brazil event, “Workflow Management and Reproducibility” supported by the PARSEC Project and C2D. We are grateful for the generous funding from FAPESP.
March 25th, 1pm São Paulo, Noon EDT, 1400 UTC
2 hours duration
This event includes PARSEC researchers from Brazil, France, and US speaking on the challenges of reproducibility in research that uses machine learning and how the FAIR guiding principles can help.
You are welcome to share this invitation with your students and early career researchers.
Learn more and register:
Best regards,
Shelley Stall
Senior Director, Data Leadership
2000 Florida Ave. N.W. | Washington, D.C.20009