Crowdsourcing the ESES-IG session for the next Virtual RDA plenary in November: let us hear from you!

27 Jun 2021

Dear members of the ESIP/RDA ESES-IG
Yes!! it is time yet again to plan the next plenary – our session is due for submission by Friday 9th July, and already we have had quite a few suggestions for potential items to include.
The ESIP/RDA Earth, Space and Environmental Science Interest Group (ESES-IG) is focussed on connecting people working globally on projects developing ESES data, software, sample and model infrastructures, with a view to coordinating and harmonizing these efforts to reduce possible duplication, increase efficiency, share use cases, and promote partnerships and adoption in the community.
ESES-IG traditionally divides its plenary sessions into 3:
1. A review of the ESES-IG crowd sourced lists:
* The Data Infrastructure Catalogue which contains list of groups working within ESES on infrastructure initiatives; and
* The Semantic Resources Catalogue which contains lists of vocabulary/ ontology repositories, cross domain vocabulary infrastructures, etc;
2. A series of lighting talks on new projects starting up, particularly those from the Global South; and
3. Two or three Breakout sessions where we take a deeper dive on selected topics.
For the next session, the co-chairs would like to hear from YOU and crowd source what you would like to have in the lighting and breakout sessions!!!!
The quickest way is for you to fill in this survey ( ) and tell us:
1. what new projects you would like to highlight in the lightning session; and
2. what in-depth topics you would like for a deeper dive as part of a longer breakout session.
As an alternative, you can contribute directly to the actual draft session plan, which is available in this google doc:
There are already 8 potential lighting talks listed on Page 2 – please add more.
Page 8 also lists potential breakout sessions. Let us know what you want.
Further, to help plan when we hold the session, starting on Page 6, you are invited to also list:
1. clashes with other groups to avoid; and
2. Nominate what your preferred session timing is.
If you have any suggestions on what to have in the session, please reply to this list. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact any of the chairs if you would prefer.
Take care
Lesley, Shelley, Danie, Pedro and Helen
Lesley Wyborn: ***@***.***
Shelley Stall: ***@***.***
Danie Kinkade: ***@***.***
Pedro Luiz Pizzigatti Corrêa: ***@***.***
Helen Glaves: ***@***.***