Crowd sourcing Semantic Resources for the Earth, Space and Environmental Sciences.

06 Sep 2020

Dear all
A few of us have been working on crowd sourcing this catalogue of Semantic Assets for the Earth, Space and Environmental Sciences available here:
For this catalogue a semantic asset can include anything containing terms and information about those terms, including value sets (i.e., bag of terms, term list), controlled-vocabularies, glossaries, thesauri, and taxonomies, and potentially even concept maps, ontologies, and knowledge graphs).
Vocabulary services can also be added.
The catalogue has 3 worksheets – one on resources for Earth, Space and Environmental Sciences and one for generic resources that are used in other domains but are relevant to Earth Space and Environmental Sciences (e.g., the Ontology for Units of Measure, research classification topics).
The third sheet is for Activities Aggregating Semantic Resources.
Please feel free to add any semantic resources/assets that you are developing or know about to this sheet.
Any comments on how to improve this sheet and maybe add additional columns are more than welcome.
This is just an initial crowdsourcing effort: ultimately the more sustainable resources should be visible in something like
This catalogue is one of the items for the ESES IG breakout session P16 – so it would be good to have it reasonably well populated by then. See:
I hope everyone is well.
Take care