Bridging the Geospatial Digital Divide

22 Jul 2019

Digital Earth Africa [1][2] will transform the continent’s capacity to process and analyze satellite data for better decision making across many areas, including water, forest and coastal resource management, agriculture, and urban development. This is a good example of Bridging the Geospatial Digital Divide . I am grateful to all colleagues working on this excellent initiative.

The Digital Earth Africa (DE Africa) will host the Digital Earth Africa Day on 12th August 2019 on the sidelines of the RCMRD International Conference & 4th AfriGEOSS Symposium taking place at the RCMRD Campus,Nairobi, Kenya. Details at  AfriGEO Symposium is an initiative of the African community in Group on Earth Observations framework.  Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) hosting the new AfriGEO Secretariat [2] will add momentum for advancing open data and Earth observations across Africa.

I am grateful to all colleagues working for bridging the digital divide and help create a world that is more accessible, equitable and full of innovation and opportunities for everyone.

Best wishes,