Enabling FAIR Data - Presentations, Papers, and Posters

This is a space to capture dissemination activities for the Enabling FAIR Data project.  Please feel free to add your project-related work, or send it to Shelley and/or Lynn. Citations and links are extra helpful to make sure we can accurately credit you!


Project Publications




Project Presentations

  • Summer ESIP -
  • Council for Science Editors meeting - New Orleans USA, May 2018
    • Session 1.2 - Data Availability and Data Sharing: Time to Make a Statement!  Convened by R. Brooks Hanson, Executive Vice President, Science, American Geophysical Union; David Mollor, PhD, Project Manager, Journal and Funder Incentive Programs, TOP Guidelines, Center for Open Science; Darren Taichman, MD, PhD, Executive Editor, American College of Physicians/Annals of Internal Medicine
    • Session 7.1 - Emerging Standards: Harmonizing Data and Data Exchange. Convened by Tony Alves, Director of Product Management, Aries Systems Corporation; Patricia Feeney, Head of Metadata, Crossref; Shelley Stall, Director, Data Programs, American Geophysical Union
  • EGU 2018 -

  • RDA P11 - Berlin, Germany, March 2018

  • Winter ESIP - Washington D.C., USA January 2018

  • AGU Fall Meeting - New Orleans, USA, December 2017