help needed with EIG internship project

04 Aug 2014
Groups audience: 

if you haven't followed RDA news recently, there have been a couple of
initiatives focusing on the engagement of US students and early career
researchers (see here
The Engagement group works with a PhD student Rene Patnode from UC San
Diego on a project that focuses on interviewing members of the RDA
domain-oriented groups. Below is a brief description of our questions and
the list of groups we want to target.
- kinds of research that group members do
- core data problems in this area
- technical challenges
- examples of data sharing and re-use
- what can help the group to achieve their goals
- Wheat Data Interoperability WG
- Agricultural Data Interoperability IG
- Biodiversity Data Integration IG
- Digital Practices in History and Ethnography IG
- Geospatial IG
- Marine Data Harmonization IG
- Metabolomics IG
- RDA/CODATA Materials Data, Infrastructure & Interoperability IG
- Research data needs of the Photon and Neutron Science community IG
- Structural Biology IG
- Toxicogenomics Interoperability IG
If you are a member of one of those groups or you're a domain scientist,
would you consider participating in our interviews or helping with
recruiting more participants? Please contact Rene at ***@***.***
or me with questions and suggestions.
Thank you and we'll be in touch with Plenary 4 planning soon,