Invitation for RDA ETHRD-IG focus groups on training: follow up meetings

12 Jun 2020

Dear ETHRD-IG members,
A big thank you to everyone who took part in the four *focus groups*
(identified at the P15 remote session) that we organised last week. As
co-chairs we evaluated the meetings, and we propose to continue with three
distinctive focus groups.
For each of these groups, follow up meetings are planned and you are very
welcome to join, even if you couldn't make it to the first meeting. Please
see the details below.
1) Minimal documentation/metadata for training materials
(this group also includes the 'old' registry of metadata schemas for
training materials group, which won't be continued on itself)
- Date: 16 Jun
- Time: 12UTC
- Agenda/Notes (includes telecon link):
- Folder:
2) Extended documentation/metadata for training materials
- Date: 18 Jun
- Time: 12UTC
- Agenda/Notes (includes telecon link):
- Folder:
3) List of training material repositories
- Date: 24 June
- Time: 13UTC
- Agenda/Notes (includes telecon link):
- Folder:
Hope to see you soon and enjoy your weekend!
ETHRD-IG co-chairs
Mijke Jetten, Katarzyna Biernacka, Laura Molloy, Amy Nurnberger, Rob Quick