Contribution and Sponsorship EDSF Release 3 and Design workshop mid July 2018 (UvA, Amsterdam)

14 Jun 2018

Dear IG ETHRD Members,
During the last IG ETHRD meeting at RDA11 I made update on the
after-EDISON activities to maintain and update the EDISON Data Science
Framework (EDSF,
that is carried out by a group of volunteers and supported by UvA under
umbrella of the EDISON Initiative.
I also mentioned that we are planning to update the EDSF and publish the
next Release 3 that would incorporate almost a year of experience in
using EDSF by numerous organisations in Europe and all over the world
since the last publication of the EDSF Release 2 in July 2017.
Now the plan is cristalised and takes a form that can be beneficial for
many projects and parties that are interested in EDSF development,
application or extension to specific subject domains and are willing and
capable to contribute to and sponsor the process and associated events.
As a result of discussion with many interested parties we decided to
have a 2-days workshop mid July 2018 at UvA/Amsterdam to discuss the
content and updates to the next release of EDSF, and we are looking for
sponsorship for this event.
As a result of such workshop (and planned active editors work in July)
the EDSF Pre-release 3 will be published end of July, and final EDSF
Release 3 version is expected to be published end of September 2018
after public review period.
By this email, I want to ask if you would be interested to coorganise
such a workshop on behalf of your project or organisation and provide
support for the following: workshop logistics, fund attendance of 1-2
experts (travel and/or housing), also commit efforts of your
organisation/project to contribute to the EDSF development.
The workshop can formally reflect the needs of sponsoring projects or
organisations in defining Data Science competences (general and domain
related), career developments, training and organisational capacity
All contributors will be acknowledged in the future EDSF documents.
I am looking forward to your prompt reply and will be ready to discuss
possible options and conditions for your contribution.
Hope on your interest and support,
Yuri Demchenko
P.S. For more information about the EDISON project visit the project
and EDSF Release 2 documents
EDISON Initiative home and github project