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21 Apr 2022

I am on leave until the 28th of April and will not be checking my email regularly. Thank you for your understanding.
On 14 Apr 2022, at 20:25, Secretariat via Education and Training on Handling of Research Data IG <***@***.***> wrote:
Dear Group Chairs,
The RDA 19th Plenary draft programme is now available: Please note that the Plenary programme is a part of the International Data Week programme that can be accessed at
Sessions were allocated according to requested breakouts where possible. You might have requested a repeat session but did not find your repeat session on the draft programme. Due to the limited number of hybrid and virtual spaces, we had to prioritise repeat sessions which did not or had the least conflicts.
Please check your session date and time on the draft programme. If you cannot make the time slot allocated to you, please email ***@***.*** to request a change by Thursday 21st April, 17:00 UTC. From that point onwards, the schedule will be considered final and will be communicated to the wider community.
Lastly, onsite and virtual registration for the International Data Week 2022 including the 19th Plenary sessions is open:
Kind regards,
RDA Secretariat
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