EDISON Data Science Framework (EDSF) Release 4 published

11 Jan 2023

Dear All,
This might be interesting information for practitioners working with
Data Science, Data Stewardship and curricula developments.
New Release 4 of the EDISON Data Science Framework (EDSF) has been
published and archived on Zenodo. It incorporates all developments and
updates since the last Release 3 in 2018.
The new Release 4 includes a new Part 5 that contains references to
experiences with using EDSF for different purposes, primarily for
curriculum development, but also using EDSF methodology for competences
and skills definition in other domains such as Data Stewardship,
Artificial Intelligence, and general digital and data skills.
Please use the following links for more information.
1) EDISON Data Science Framework (EDSF) slides deck updated
2) EDSF Release 4 published and currently available from GitHub
Also archived on Zenodo
EDISON Data Science Framework: Part 1. Data Science Competence Framework
(CF-DS) Release 4, 31 December 2022, 76 pp. [online]
EDISON Data Science Framework: Part 2. Data Science Body of Knowledge
(DS-BoK) Release 4, 31 December 2022, 47 pp. [online]
EDISON Data Science Framework: Part 3. Data Science Model Curriculum
(MC-DS) Release 4, 31 December 2022, 62 pp. [online]
EDISON Data Science Framework: Part 4. Data Science Professional
Profiles (DSPP) Release 4, 31 December 2022, 39 pp. [online]
EDISON Data Science Framework: Part 5. EDSF Use Cases and Applications
(EDSF-UCA) Release 4, 31 December 2022, 111 pp. [online]
3) The EDSF Part 5 EDSF-UCA contains the following use cases and
practical applications (based on publications and reports).
• Definition of the Data Stewardship Professional Competence Framework
(DSP-CF) by the FAIRsFAIR project, also including related extensions for
Data Science Body of Knowledge;
• Use of EDSF for CV assessment and job profiles matching;
• Customised curriculum design based on the EDSF ontology search for
selected job profiles;
• Designing customised Data Science Education Environment;
• Big Data Infrastructure Technologies and Tools for Data Analytics
course design and teaching experience;
• Education and training on Research Data Management for research
institutions and Enterprise Data Management for industry and business;
• Transversal and 21st Century skills for data driven economy and
Industry 4.0;
• Digital and data competences definition and training profiles
If there is an interest of using the results or ideas for cooperation, I
will be happy to discuss.
Best regards