IG Education and Training on handling of research data

Date & time: Tuesday 1st March - 11:30 - 13:00 - Working Meeting 


1. Welcome and introductions around the room (15 min): please say your name, institution, job title and a brief statement about your interest in curriculum development: All

2. Description of the IG and the "Defining data handling competences and skills profile" activity: Laura Molloy

3. Update on EDISON project formal definition of Data Science profession: Yuri Demchenko

4. Practical exercise: work in groups todiscuss essential skills and knowledge on data handling for different professional groups

5. Current initiatives (various): please share your current projects and plans for curriculum delivery and development

5.1. RDA IG Archives and Records by Elise Dunham and Rebecca Grant, co-chairs
5.2. EUDAT B2SHARE project by Ari Asmi
5.3. Inventory of training and education resources by Amy Nurnberger, Chair for RDA US Education and Curriculum Group

6. AOB

See presentation links numbered by agenda items.

Draft notes from the meeting are attached below.