Thank you for your participation in our RDA Plenary sessions!

03 Apr 2020

Hi everyone,


Thanks for joining our sessions on April 2nd! 


It was great to see you again and hear about how your careers have evolved since last time we talked. And to those that joined us recently - welcome! Glad to have you here and pleasure to have met some of you yesterday!


This is to let you know that during the next two weeks, we will be collecting your answers showing interest to become more actively involved in our group through the following Task Forces: a. AMA calls, b. Newsletter, c. Practising presentation skills

Please let us know your thoughts about the session - or, if you weren’t present, about any RDA Plenary session or AMA call that you have attended - and express your interest to join the Task Forces by filling in this feedback form.


Also, you may find our presentation in our GitHub repository and minutes from our discussions on our RDA ECEIG page.


Lastly, regarding sessions been recorded, please know that we will take all necessary privacy measures before making them available and start their diffusion. 


Talk to you soon! 


Until then, take care and stay safe.


Kind regards,


Devan, Fotis, Elli

RDA ECEIG co-chairs