Opportunity to contribute to EU COST Actions

18 Jul 2018

Dear all,


Our colleague Joao Miranda has kindly informed us about two EU COST actions that are currently underway where your participation could be valuable. Please find attached the corresponding provisory abstracts.


A brief outline of the concept, as kindly provided by Joao, is the following:


“Concerning the next steps on "Supply Chain Stakeholders" within the COST Action "Medicines Shortages" (CA15105), these two topics are being addressed now:


A) The European survey aims to gain insight into patients' perspectives in order to quantify the effect of medicine shortages (https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/ runner/PatientsPerspectivesOnM edicinesShortagesV2)


B) Furthermore, to develop and deploy Data Science tools by simultaneously addressing "the patients' perspective on drugs shortages" AND "the public reports from national authorities".


Within this rationale, two work-streams (A, B) are being prepared at European level, and Data Management is crucial for us (Data Privacy, IPR, patents, copyrights...)!


If suitable, RDA and other international tools (COST, Erasmus+, bilateral...) can be utilized to support joint collaboration, common developments.”


Today's AMA call is a good opportunity to ask questions regarding this matter. Connect here at 10am EST.


Thank you very much.


Kind regards,

Devan Ray Donaldson, Fotis Psomopoulos, and Elli Papadopoulou

Co-Chairs of the Early Career and Engagement Interest Group