Minutes and slides from the AMA call on Open Source Software

20 Mar 2019

Hi everyone,

thank you very much for attending today's AMA call!

Also, thank you to our speaker Fotis Psomopoulos for sharing his experience with and ongoing work on Open Source Software challenges, developments and new achievements in the field of Open Source Software.

Please find below the links to the notes and the presentation:

Notes: https://github.com/fpsom/rda-eceig/blob/master/AMA-Calls/2019-03-20-Minu...

Slides of the presentation: https://github.com/fpsom/rda-eceig/blob/master/AMA-Calls/2019-03-20-Pres...

To those who missed the call, we are happy to provide you with more information on any questions which you may have regarding the slides.

Thank you very much and talk to you again on Wednesday 17/04 with another AMA call!


On behalf of the ECEIG Co-chairs

Best regards,