Learn about the ECEIG Task Forces and how to contribute

07 May 2019

Dear ECEIG pals,


We are happy to share with you that few weeks ago, during our monthly AMA call, we announced the Task Forces formulated to better support our early career data, networking and presentation activities within and outside the RDA community.


Specifically, the Task Forces are:

a. Mentoring programme

  • Leading AMAs (monthly activity)

    • Finding topics for discussion

    • Disseminating the event (Twitter and the ECEIG list)

  • Contacting Mentors/ Mentees

  • Potentially, if people want to work together on that, there could be a case study about the mentoring programme which could then link to the RDA project Engaging Researchers with Research Data (check notes from the presentation given in P13, here)

b. Newsletter

  • Collecting information on topics of potential interest, generally informing people of activities / actions, jobs, trends etc

    • Link to news from other resources globally

    • Initiate calls for collaborations?

  • Sending a monthly newsletter reaching a wider audience

    • Identify communication channels outside the RDA

    • Current plan is to use paper.li. Other suggestions are obviously more than welcome!

c. Practice presentation skills

  • How to present

    • Talk about any topic

    • Describe something you are working on

  • Open-ended; different people want to practice different skills

! For those that were not present and would like to join one (or more ;) ) of the Task Forces, there is still time to do so! Just use this Google Form to indicate your preferences.


You may find the minutes from some fruitful discussions we had during the AMA call here.


We will be announcing the outcome of the form during the next AMA next week, so make sure not to miss it! (Wed. 7th May 2019 at 10.00am EDT/ 16.00 CEST; link to join here)


Until then, please let us know of any questions you may have.


Kind regards,

Devan Ray Donaldson, Fotis Psomopoulos, and Elli Papadopoulou