Heads up on Domain Vocabulary BoF at P8

23 Aug 2016
Groups audience: 

Will someone from RDA Domain Repositories be wlling to attend and summarize your effort and interest at the Domain Vocabulary Development, Standardization, Registration, Harmonization and Support Breakout  - Saturday17 Sept 11:00 - 12:30?

Since this meeting occurs at the end of P8 it is likly that there will be enough context to have a good exchange of interests and plans.

The idea is that each domain group will provide a brief summary of their work and as available:

 relevant vocabularies, ontoologies, standards and  perhaps an illustrative use case such as harmonization and mappings between 2 or more vocabularies/ontologies and issues involved.

We will also hope to have a community discussion of:

  • The state of vocabularies and harmonization, 
  • Common interests such as vocabulary development & services, 
  •  Issues and best practice solutions in the domain vocabulary space

It seems likely that discussion of common infrastructure, services and approaches will be helpful across domain groups and may lead to useful liazing and cooperation between groups.