DMP Common Standards - update before plenary in Helsinki - speakers needed

17 Sep 2019
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Dear all,
This is an update on activities and plans of the DMP Common Standards WG:
1. Plenary in Helsinki
2. Pilot implementations - speakers needed
3. Webinar presenting the model
4. Feedback and endorsement process
5. Active DMPs Interest group meeting
Details below.
1. Plenary in Helsinki
We are looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible during our upcoming meeting at Plenary 14 in Helsinki.
It is scheduled for:
23rd October 2019 - RDA 14th Plenary Meeting - Day 1, Breakout 1
1. Pilot implementations - speakers needed
Within the last few months we were in touch with many of you working on pilot implementations. DMP tool providers, such as DMP Roadmap, RDMO, or Data Stewardship Wizard have started working on implementing the standard and have some initial results. We were also in touch with repository software providers, such as Haplo. In the meantime, TU Wien students have developed prototype tools for generating human-readable DMPs [3][4] from our model and tried mapping the model to common funder templates, such as Horizon 2020 or Science Europe [1][2]. There is also a JSON schema validator that will be released soon [7] and a prototype integrating DMPs with Dataverse repository [5]. Colleagues from Lisbon have developed an ontology based on our standard [6].
*In case there are any other developments, that we are not aware of, please do contacts us.*
We have reserved time in Part 3 of our agenda for your presentations. *Please let us know what you would like to present*. We'll do our best to accommodate it in the schedule!
1. Webinar presenting the model
In case you missed it, RDA Europe organised a webinar in which we presented our standard. We had more 200 registered participants. You can find the slides are recordings here:
1. Feedback and endorsement process
In case you have any feedback about the standard, please contact us or create an issue on GitHub. This is the *last chance* before we officially start the RDA endorsement process.
1. Active DMPs Interest group meeting
There will be also Active DMPs interest group meeting during the plenary. It will be a chance to discuss all other issues related to DMPs and maDMPs that are not directly connected to the standard developed by this WG. The meeting will take place also on Day 1, after lunch.
See you soon in Helsinki!!
Tomasz, Paul, Peter