DMP Common Standards - between plenaries - update

17 Dec 2018
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Dear DMP Common group, Here is a bunch of updates from our side: 1. We're working on the model. The first draft can be found here: [chart] The current version of the model aims at separating and breaking down topics, e.g. DMP describes Data, DMP can have information on Projects and Costs. Data can be considered jointly (all project data ) or broken down into logical parts (input data, output data, code, etc.). Like discussed in Botswana (and on slides from that meeting), we assume there will be different extensions needed to address specific requirements. Current draft focuses on the minimal set of common information needed, plus some specific examples (Licenses). It is based on user stories and their reordering done for consultation #2. There is still a number of open issues we are working to clear. We will provide more information and likely organise a call in January to bring everyone on the same page, but for now please go ahead and check the model. 2. As a side activity that helps us better understand flow of data to and from the model, Simon Oblasser is developing a mock-up of a tool that could use the machine-actionable model and improve collaboration among stakeholders involved in DMP creation. The mock-up can be found here: Use the interactive mock-up to get a live feeling of the tool (press play button in top right corner). Please let us know if something is obviously wrong or can be improved. This will help us improve the contents of the model. 3. We will be submitting a proposal for the plenary meeting in Philadelphia. The goal of the meeting will be to discuss the model and potential pilot projects. Draft of the session proposal can be found here: RUw/edit?usp=sharing Please let us know by the end of the week if there is anything you would like to include in the agenda. We're looking forward to hearing from you! Please provide your feedback directly in the model and mock-ups or contact chairs directly. Best wishes, Tomasz Miksa

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