Invitation to comment on the questionnaire

29 Apr 2021

Dear all,
Thanks all of you who participated in our really great session at P17.
All of us were working in small groups at the questionnaire for the online survey we would like to send out in June.
Thanks for you feedback.
For all the ones who couldn´t join, but would like to contribute with comments or suggestions are really welcome. All P17 session participants are welcome too to leave comments or suggestions if they like to. We are happy for every comment and suggestion, every discipline-specific information.
We set up a blanc version of the questionnaire where everyone can contribute. This version will be open until 12th May 21.
Thank you very much and enjoy your day.
Best wishes
on behalf of the co-chairs
Daniela Hausen (Dipl.-Chem.)
Dezernat Informationstechnologie
Universitätsbibliothek der RWTH Aachen
Templergraben 61
52062 Aachen
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