Resources for the Joint meeting IG-DPHE and WG-EHM

On September 15 at RDA Plenary 8, we hosted a joint meeting with the WG for Empirical Humanities Metadata.  The session's objectives were;

To inform IG members and other interested RDA participants about the group and its work to date, including progress and activities since the last plenary. We will report on our work on behalf of RDA at the July 2016 Digital Humanities conference in Krakow, Poland.

We will also discuss our recent formation of the WG Empirical Humanities Metadata, and its progress toward documenting and advancing best metadata standards and practices in the digital humanities. Please review the WG Empirical Humanities Metadata case statement at
We will also report on a number of new initiatives.

The presentations and resources generated for this session are listed below, along with the meeting notes.