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CLARIN Component Metadata

CLARIN is the Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure, which aims to provide easy and sustainable access for scholars in the humanities and social sciences to digital language data (in written, spoken, video or multimodal form), and advanced tools to discover, explore, exploit, annotate, analyse or combine them, wherever they are located.

Practice showed that using a single scheme for a large community (e.g. the Humanities) often results in a mismatch between the chosen elements and the needs of the user...CLARIN proposes a component-based approach: you can combine several metadata components (sets of metadata elements) into a self-defined scheme that suits your particular needs. Of course you can share your profile with others (in fact we strongly advise that). If sharing the full profile is not an option, you still can use common components, e.g. a component to describe a sound recording. In case that still does not address your needs, it is even possible to create components yourself.


DARIAH, the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities, aims to enhance and support digitally-enabled research and teaching across the humanities and arts.


Reports available from Data Service Infrastructure for Social Sciences and Humanities.

This project brings together all 5 ESFRI research infrastructure initiatives in the social sciences and humanities (SSH) represented each by some centers:

CLARIN – Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure

DARIAH – Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities

CESSDA – Council of European Social Science Data Archives

ESS – European Social Survey

SHARE – Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe


Digital Index of North American Archaeology (DINAA)

The Digital Index of North American Archaeology (DINAA) is a multi-institutional undertaking to create interoperability models for archaeological site databases in the eastern United States. (Contact: Josh Wells)

Dublin Core Cultural Heritage Metadata Task Group

The goal of this task group is to identify the challenges of metadata for cultural heritage and to provide a simple cross-community metadata model for Cultural Heritage Objects and give a recommendation for the development of DCMI Application Profiles. The recommendation will provide a basis for the development of Application Profiles / Description Set Profiles for different types of Cultural Heritage Objects.

JISC Directory of Metadata Standards

LODLAM Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives, and Museums

LODLAM is Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives, and Museums. is an informal, borderless network of enthusiasts, technicians, professionals and any number of other people who are interested in or working with Linked Open Data pertaining to galleries, libraries, archives, and museums.


National Endowment for the Humanities, Office of Digital Humanities

Open Context Good Practice Guides



ORCID is an open, non-profit, community-based effort to provide a registry of unique researcher identifiers and a transparent method of linking research activities and outputs to these identifiers.  ORCID is unique in its ability to reach across disciplines, research sectors, and national boundaries and its cooperation with other identifier systems.


"Radically Open Cultural Heritage Data on the Web," by Jon Voss


Society of American Archivists -- Publications


The Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR)

As a repository for digital data, tDAR contains a vast amount of resources and tools that can enrich your ongoing research.

  • Search our expansive database of documents, data sets, images and more.

  • Integrate your data with data from other projects.

  • Collaborate with other researchers

UK Data Archive

The Archive works with and keeps abreast of international metadata standards in documenting social science and historical data. We have collated a number of useful and freely available resources and tools in this area.