Upcoming Project Shares - Save the Dates!

24 Apr 2015

Over the next few weeks we'll have three project shares. Call-in info and other details coming soon, but please pencil in these dates and join us if you can! All are on tuesdays, 1pm EST.

April 28: We will host a Project Share with Amit Chourasia, Principle Investigator on SeedMe (short for Stream, Encode, Explore and Disseminate My Experiments), a Drupal-based research data sharing platform that offers "a searchable ecosystem of rich research content and knowledge to curate and cultivate." SeedMe is developed and maintained by the Visservices Group at the San Diego Supercomputing Center. 

May 12: Mark Turin will discuss Digital Himilaya, "A project to develop digital collection, storage and distribution strategies for multimedia anthropological information from the Himilayan region." Digital Himilaya is reviewed in American Anthropologist here.  

May 26: We will be joined by Stefan Schmunk, head of the Scientific Collections - Research Data cluster for DARIAH (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities).  

Hope to catch up with many of you soon.