Data Versioning Examples in Break-out Session on Dynamic Data Citation today, 12:00-13:30, Commonwealth B

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03 Apr 2019
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Dear all,

As there has been quite intensive discussion of how different versions can be identified in yesterday's break-out session some of you might be interested in joining the break-out session of the WG on Dynamic Data Citation today where several adoption stories will be presented, showing how versioning (and the identification of arbitrary subsets)  is being implemented in settings ranging from relatively small NoSQL databases to large-scale infrastructures for satellite images.

The solutions presented by the two WGs align nicely, as the semantic qualifications discussed yesterday (versions, releases, etc.) are usually incorporated nicely as assertions (semantic descriptors) on the state of a data set at given points in time.

The break-out session will take place today in break-out 4, 12:00-13:30, in Commonwealth B