P7 Breakout


The BoF for the continuation, or second phase, of the Data Type Registries (DTR) Working Group was a small but very successful gathering of RDA members already working in the data typing space or those seriously interested in doing so. We had a review of the DTR work to date; a presentation by Steve Richard of USGIN on conceptual, logical, and physical representation layers; a presentation from Simon Cox of CSIRO on other data typing initiatives; a presentation from Ulrich Schwardmann of GWDG on the PID information type use case; and a lively discussion. A Case Statement for the new phase was agreed to as was the new set of co-chairs. The new co-chairs will be Simon Cox (CSIRO), Tobias Weigel (DKRZ), and Larry Lannom (CNRI)

All four presenatations are attached. The new Case Statement is being copy-edited and the new version will be posted shortly. There is still some uncertaintly about whether the new group can continue to be called DTR (or perhaps DTR2) or will need a new name. The new name was going to be Data Typing so please excuse any confusion between DTR and DT.