Re: [rda-dtr-wg] RDA Data Type Registries WG & #2 - Request for Update

23 Jul 2021

Dear Larry
Thank you for your reply. If you decide to move forward with the decision to retire, it would be good if you could have a closing statement on the Group's landing page which includes the other activities you mention.
Best wishes
RDA Secretariat
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Subject: Re: [rda-dtr-wg] RDA Data Type Registries WG & #2 - Request for Update
I think retirement is the right option. The activity and discussions around types has moved on to other projects such as the FDO Forum and other RDA groups, e.g., Data Fabric. Ulrich Schwardmann, who is quite active in this area, and I have discussed various options involving him as the new co-chair but both he and I are now focused on these other groups.
Does retirement involve some sort of closing statement that could point to these other activities? If so perhaps Ulrich and I could draft such a statement.