Informal spec on Types and Type Registries - soliciting comments

11 Oct 2017

Hi All,

Thanks for attending the call held on Oct 9, 2017. And specifically for sharing your views on the technical direction question I raised. I have uploaded to this site a specification of sorts for types and type registries. Here's a link to that document:

Informal spec on Types and Type Registries - soliciting comments

The document is informal in nature and also has a few gaps to be filled. We will formalize the document in the next few weeks.

The general idea is that a single specification in this area is unlikely to be universally useful or applicable. Besides, there are several ontology frameworks that provide formal frameworks for explicating types. 

Our goal is to provide a good starting point for various communities to start typing objects and entities as they find useful, while still being able to keep the type records simple for creation as well as for consumption. Over time, we may revisit the various approaches communities have taken using this spec as a starting point and see if we can somehow create a more extensive framework.

Please review the document and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.