New article concerning certain aspects of data rescue

01 Oct 2015
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Dear fellow members,
In case this may be of interest to those in the worlds of "data rescue" and digital preservation...
It was an honor to have been asked to write an article just published in the September 2015 print issue of "Against the Grain" magazine (which focuses primarily on communities of librarians and archivists). The article is entitled: "The Digital Vapor Trail: Why Early Digital Assets Merit Special Attention". It also promotes the concept of IPDRC -- an Initiative for the Preservation of Data Rescue Capabilities. See
Unfortunately, the full issue, even in PDF, is only available to subscribers. But if anyone would like to receive a copy of the final draft of that article, please email me, and I will happy to send that to you. Thanks for your time.
Best Regards,
Chris Muller
Muller Media Conversions
21 Locust Street
Manhasset NY 11030-2233