Important resource: Bibliography of Data Rescue stories

03 Jul 2015
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Dear All,
Another item for discussion at Plenary 6 in September:
One of the key ingredients for the book (see earlier circular) is a list of, or website for, stories that describe efforts, successes and maybe failures of data rescue projects.
You are therefore strongly encouraged to send links to, or summaries of, such stories to the group. We also need a central coordinator for them. In the CODATA group, Bill Anderson has been in charge of the collection to date, but would probably be glad to discuss with other volunteers the most practical way for making the collection visible to everyone.
We may need to keep the collection semi-private, perhaps to CODATA and RDA members, but could release them to a public website once its link has been tested and the information relayed has been checked. Any thoughts on this should (please) be shared with Bill Anderson (***@***.*** or ***@***.***). Bill also shares management of the CODATA DAR list-serve.