Data Rescue talks at Best Practices Exchange

30 Oct 2015
Groups audience: 

Dr. Bob Downs of Columbia University and I had the pleasure of giving talks about Data Rescue recently at a very well run conference described below:

October 19-21 – Best Practices Exchange

This informal gathering, hosted by the Pennsylvania State Archives, brings together practitioners from across the country with a focus to manage, preserve and provide access to digital government information. The Exchange provides an opportunity to discuss real-world experiences, including best practices and lessons learned. Past attendees include librarians, archivists, information technologists, educators and researchers largely from government and university archives and libraries. More information is available at the Best Practices Exchange website

Bob’s talk was about a number of interesting scientific DR projects at his institution. I believe his presentation will be available online soon.

My own talk was on (a) having fun in this area over the years and (b) promoting the idea of IPDRC – Initiative for the Preservation of Data Rescue Capabilities. If you’d care to see it, the slides-only are here, and slides-plus-notes are here.  Any comments on IPDRC would be appreciated.




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