RE: [digital-curation] ISO stories of scientific data recovery

24 Feb 2017
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Dear Monya,
I will happily be available to talk this afternoon between 3 and 4 pm PST. I hope Bill could manage it too (he is in TX). I can also manage 1 pm PST on Monday.
The Data Rescue initiative which I represent (CODATA plus RDA) is poised to commence its broader programme of co-ordinating efforts worldwide in this matter of recovering and digitizing nearly lost [scientific] data. Your circular has been hugely helpful in making initial overtures with some of the groups who need to be part of it. Already I have been contacted by several, and once the nucleus starts to expand and become known it will snowball ... We are seeking a new platform as we embark on this new phase of the project, and it would be extremely valuable to talk through some possibilities.
I am Chairing a Joint Session in Barcelona in early April - a plenary meeting of the RDA - but the programme is not yet fixed and can easily adapt itself to the perspectives like the ones you are now raising.
I hope we can at least manage the first of those conversations this afternoon?
Best wishes,
Elizabeth Griffin
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Thanks so much for your response!
Bill, Elizabeth, can we set up a time to talk by phone? I'll poke around your website in the meanwhile (it looks fantastic), but is there anything you want to draw my notice to in particular? I'm having to squeeze reporting in around some other responsibilities, and afternoons are usually best. I prefer to talk to people individually but can handle a three-way call. How is 1pm PST on Monday? Any time after that works as well. After 3pm PST on Friday works for me too. Elizabeth, it looks like we're in the same time zone. Would that work?
I'll set aside some time to poke through your website before we talk, but if there is anything in particular you'd like me to pay attention to or read, please let me know.
Looking forward,
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Absolutely! It's what the Data Rescue mission is all about!
Bill - we have a number of stories on file which Monya might like to use, but then some of them have come from magazines like Nature, if not from Nature itself. I hope the source file is shown on the stories? I believe you are still the custodian of them?
Let's follow this up! It could lead to valuable contacts.
best wishes,
Elizabeth Griffin (Chair, CODATA Data At Risk TG).
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Elizabeth et al., this note and request seems relevant to the previous data-at-risk work and the continuing data rescue work.
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Pardon the broad post.
I'm reporting a story for Nature about how scientists might turn to digital curation to gain access to scientific data (old notebooks, zip drives, defunct media).The goal is to find some scientists who have struggled to get data off outdated media. Have any of you helped any scientists through this, or do you have suggestions for people that I might ask? I'm looking for success stories and frustration stories.
You can reach me at ***@***.*** Thanks in advance for your help.