Invitation to attend the Dat Rescue IG session on Wednesday Sept 20, 3:30-5:00 pm

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15 Sep 2017
Groups audience: 

Dear IG Members,
You are all warmly invited to attend the session of IG Data Rescue, 4th session on Wednesday in Mansfield Room 5.
We particularly draw your attention to item 5 below. "Data Rescue" is so often something that can substantially assist in research, so please come forward with your own needs and ideas how we might work together.
Elizabeth Griffin + co-Chairs Lesley Wyborn, Dave Gallaher,
and Vice-Chairs Steve Diggs, Jamie Shiers, Usha Munshi
(1) Lesley Wyborn (Chair): Welcome and brief introduction (5 minutes).
Request that attendees log into the system
(2) Elizabeth Griffin: Brief reminder of the two threads of this IG: Data At Risk, and Data Rescue (5 minutes)
(a) Steve Diggs: update on Data At Risk. 10 minutes
(b) Alia Khan : Report on Data-Share Fellow programme concerning Data Rescue
(also see Alia's poster) (15 minutes)Elizabeth
(3) Elizabeth G: Outline of two publications (10 minutes)
(a) Nature WorldView (weekly review, full page) on Data Rescue, May 18, 2017
(b) Book, "The Data Science Landscape", solicited by Springer International and
edited by Vice-Chair Usha Munshi, contains a chapter on "Data Rescue".
Comments welcome.
(4) Lesley W: Invite audience participation regarding issues that may have
arisen since P9 last April (5 minutes)
(5) Developing new *practical* initiatives for Data Rescue
(a) Matthew Fry (Global Water IG): A joint programme to list known but
inaccessible past data about Water in the World (15 minutes)
(b) Alia K: Aspects of Polar Ice (5 minutes)
More tentative: (5 minutes)
(c) Elizabeth G: Disaster Risk Management
(d) Elizabeth G: Organizing Regional Workshops, and seeking associated funding
(6) Lesley W: General discussion (up to 15 minutes)
Wrap up, and potential topics for RDA11 in Berlin