Fwd: Expanding the scope of ‘data rescue'

04 Jun 2017
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Dear Data Rescue IG Members,
You may have heard about various data rescue efforts since the recent
change in leadership here in the US. The goal of many of these
volunteer-led events and organically formed organizations have been focused
on the very real possibility of federal environmental data being less
accessible in the near future. Any reallocation of federal funding coupled
with small changes in the human and digital landscape associated with these
national information resources could could severely compromise the earth
science enterprise.
I had the honor of being an invited speaker at one of these data rescue
events and it had a high media profile in addition to being well-attended,
full of the right kind of energy and broad in its appeal. The next stage of
evolution for these grassroots entities is to team with professionals
working in specific research domains in order to focus these efforts on the
highest priority datasets perceived to be at risk.
Our DR-IG is uniquely positioned to help take these efforts global while
expanding the scope beyond the earth sciences. The following white paper
comprehensively addresses the key considerations in making the climate data
rescue efforts more effective for working earth scientists.
Please put this white paper on your summer reading list and let's discuss
ways in which such a document should be expanded to include all of the
research data domains in RDA.
All the Best,
-Steve Diggs
Data Rescue IG Co-Chair #4 of 6

  • Usha  Mujoo munshi's picture

    Author: Usha Mujoo munshi

    Date: 05 Jun, 2017

    Thanks Steve! It indeed makes interesting reading and of course the scope
    of such white paper could be broaden to bring into its ambit the other
    research data domains susceptible to risk.
    Thanks once again for sharing,

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