Data Policy Standardisation at RDA P15 Australia

18 Feb 2020

Dear all,

As you're aware, the next RDA Plenary will take place in Melbourne, Australia 18-20 March. The Data Policy Standardisation and Implementation Interest Group session will be in breakout 1 on the first day (18 March at 11.30am). Please see the program ( for further details.

Our agenda is as follows:

1. Intro to the IG and activities to date (co chairs) - 10 mins

  • The data policy framework for publishers 

  • Early adopters

  • Discussion: 15 min

2. Collaboration with STM Association as part of their STM Research Data Year - 15 mins

  • Discussion: 15 mins

3. Update on funder policy alignment - 15 mins

  • Identification of common issues

  • Which to harmonise on (e.g. DMPs, data availability, data repositories)

  • Discussion: 15 mins

4. Next steps and wrap up - 5 mins

For more information see:

For those who cannot attend but wish to participate, we have asked for remote attendance to be enabled.

To those making the trip over, safe travels and look forward to seeing you in Australia!


Natasha, Simon, Iain, Azhar, Rebecca

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