REMINDER for the meeting tomorrow

17 Nov 2021
Groups audience: 

Hi everyone,
Just a quick reminder for our monthly RDA Data Granularity Meeting tomorrow, Thursday, 18 November 2021 at 4 pm UTC /8am Pacific
This is the agenda:
a. Introduction
b. Reports from the chairs
1. Plenary retrospective
c. Reports from the sub-groups
1. Use Cases (meeting earlier that morning; a representative will report out)
2. Survey – Very valuable feedback, New instruments for size and scope of the repositories, still unsure about how to ask about granularity
3. Constraints
d. Misc
Hope to see you tomorrow here:
Please let us know, if you have not received a calendar invite or have any other questions or if would like to add any agenda items.
All the best,
Brigitte Mathiak (and Reyna and Katy)

  • Thomas Jouneau's picture

    Author: Thomas Jouneau

    Date: 17 Nov, 2021

    Dear all
    Please excuse my absence one more time. My involvements in different
    projects do not leave me the time I had hoped to spare to be able to
    actually contribute to this WG.
    I'll let some time pass and reassess my participation then.
    All the best
    Thomas JOUNEAU
    Université de Lorraine
    Soutien aux données de la recherche
    Direction de la Documentation - Mission appui recherche
    B.U. Ile du Saulcy BP 20728
    57045 Metz Cedex 01
    Tél. : 03 72 74 10 27

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