Working DFT Session Agenda for P11

07 Mar 2018

1. DFT Objectives, Overview & Update (Gary Berg-Cross - 1 page handout) 
       Vocabulary Updates & liaison relation to other RDA Groups for candidate vocabulary items.
       We have Official status under the EU public procurement legislation: “Common Technical Specification”
            Comply with Regulation No 1025/2012, Annex II
                     See for a briefing on this.

2.  Tool Update (Raphael Ritz) – handling Ids for term concepts

3. RDA self analysis and working relation with MIG, DDRI, Collections.....
  Examples of RDA analysis using definitions

4.  Issues and Interested Parties Discussion

   (DDRI) use of vocabularies and terms as part of group analysis  

5.Liaison relation to other data vocabulary efforts to develop a common Registry

6. Next steps