FW: [rda-dft] Draft Agenda for DFT July Virtual Meeting

13 Jul 2017

Hi Landscape Mappers,
The upcoming Data Foundations and Terminology group’s telecom agenda may be interesting to some of you? Details are below,
From: <***@***.***-groups.org> on behalf of Gary <***@***.***>
Date: Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 9:34 AM
To: Data Foundations and Terminology IG <***@***.***-groups.org>
Subject: [rda-dft] Draft Agenda for DFT July Virtual Meeting
This will be our 2nd organizational Virtual Meeting planned to get ready for P10 in September whose objectives include:
Presenting a stable version 1.0 of the vocabulary including updates from the P9, the Gothenburg chairs discussion and input from groups in the Summer virtual meetings. The intent of the IG is to “support continued synchronization of RDA conceptualization and enable better understanding within and between RDA groups. In addition it will provide updates on the term tool operation, functionality and use by groups.”
Gary will mention some updates to our vocabulary but the major agenda for the July session is to discuss:
· Metadata profiles (Rebecca with join us)
· DXWG/DCAT topic which was at the Chairs meeting.
· Provenance profiles (Nicholas Car is interested in discussing this at P10 but can't be on the call)
· IRIDIUM data management vocabulary ( we may have one representative as in our last meeting. We plan a BoF on Data Vocabulary efforts at P10)
· Vocabulary items coming out of the Data Description Registry Interoperability WG. They have delivered a report which includes key ideas such as a "KnownAs" relationship and a Co-Authorship concept. (Our meeting time is not convenient for Amir Aryani in Australia but he may provide some examples of concepts)
· Follow up to discussions on Data Collections and minting PIDs for vocabulary items.
Others may add additional topics as part of the call.
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