TeD-T consolidation: done!

16 Oct 2014

Dear DFT group,
I merged now all terms from the prototype into the current TeD-T wiki
-> The prototype is obsolet from now on and will go offline the next
days! <-
I also updated the graph, available on:
It shows now that indeed the term collection has reached an impressive
size. But nevertheless, there is still a lot of work left to be done.
Some remarks on the entries I copied over:
All entries from the prototype which *don't* had already an entry in the
current version got the scope "DFT Term Definition Prototyp". You can
see a list of all the entries with that scope:
This link can be also found under "List by scope" in the navigation. All
new entries got the status "Under discussion".
Due to the fact that the category hierarchy in the prototype was much
more exhaustive than the current one, it was not possible for me to
assign a correct category to most of the entries. So, all unclear
entries got the category "Uncategorized".
There are still some entries where the definition was set to "To do".
For example, the term "Work" has still that definition (ah yes ...
"work" defined as "to do" ... isn't that great ;-))
At least, there is still some work to be done. I would suggest, taking a
close look at all entries which are "uncategorized" would be a good
starting point:
Dr. Thomas Zastrow
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