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26 Feb 2014

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Betreff: RDA Persistent Identifier Interest Group
Datum: Wed, 26 Feb 2014 10:35:42 -0500
Von: Laure Haak <***@***.***>
An: Laura Cox <***@***.***>, Laura Dawson
<***@***.***>, Paolo Bouquet <***@***.***>, Jan Brase
<***@***.***-hannover.de>, David Baker <***@***.***>, John
Kunze <***@***.***>, Joan Starr <***@***.***>, Greg
Janee <***@***.***>, Andreas Rauber <***@***.***>,
Reagan Moore <***@***.***>, Dieter van Uytvanck
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<***@***.***-digitale.it>, Salvatore Mele
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<***@***.***>, Philip Bourne
<***@***.***>, Mark
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Goodhand <***@***.***>, Pablo de Castro
<***@***.***>, Carolyn Stern Grant
<***@***.***>, Martin Fenner <***@***.***>, "Gerry
Lawson (PSU, Project Office)" <***@***.***>, Jon
Corson-Rikert <***@***.***>, Daniel Hook
<***@***.***-science.com>, Tony Alves <***@***.***>, Stacey
Lavelle <***@***.***>, "MacEwan, Andrew"
<***@***.***>, Brigitte Joerg <***@***.***>, Thorsten
Höllrigl <***@***.***>, "Todd Carpenter (Gmail)"
<***@***.***>, João Moreira <***@***.***>, "Habib, Michael
(ELS-NYC)" <***@***.***>, "Paglione, Laura"
<***@***.***>, Rebecca Bryant <***@***.***>
Kopie (CC): Adrian Burton <***@***.***>, Tobias Weigel
Dear Colleagues,
We are writing to request that you respond to a brief (5 min) survey on
Persistent Identifiers . The
results of this survey will be used to organize the working sessions for
the Research Data Alliance (RDA) Interest group on Persistent
Identifiers (PID), to be held on 28 March at the 3rd RDA plenary
. We encourage you
to register for the RDA meeting and join us in person to discuss the
goals and tasks for the PID interest group so as to best serve the
Here is the link to the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/65P35SN .
Please respond by March 18.
The purpose of the Persistent Identifier (PID) Interest Group is to
coordinate PID initiatives and work with the community to determine when
the formation of a Working Group is needed to discuss specific issues,
determine standards recommendations, and develop prototypes. Some
Working Group topics put forth are harmonizing organizational identifier
structures and validation of linkages between PIDs.
Thank you for sharing your perspectives with us and helping to make the
PID Interest Group sessions a success! Please feel free to forward this
survey to others in the PID community.
We look forward to seeing you at the RDA meeting.
-Laure, Adrian, and Tobias
Laurel L. Haak, PhD
Executive Director, ORCID