repository registry: Working Group Activities for FRR

At the Paris plenary the repository registry group decided to start a working group considering in particular the needs for machine readable registries as they are needed for large federations. But the group will also see how the descriptive information needed within federations can be harmonized with the information required by other types of registries such as re3data and the collection registry planned in RDA.

The schematic diagram at the left indicates the scenario where different repositories are offering stored and managed data and metadata on data and collections. In particular metadata are offered in some way to a variety of metadata, collection and repository registries all being maintained by service providers with different objecctives. Currently, all service providers are requesting partly overlapping information according to different schemes which is in particular true for the increasing number of providers establishing federation registries. Thus it is important to harmonize the set of attributes towards a core description provided and maintained by the repositories.

A draft case statement for a WG on Repository Core Description (RCD) that addresses the described problem is available and can be commented (see below).

The work is currently led by Johannes Reetz, Michael Witt, Keith Jeffery, Peter Wittenburg and Herman Stehouwer.

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