Repository Registry: Meetings & Notes of the group

This wiki page will contain all notes, slide sets, reports etc. that were created and presented as part of the repository registry discussions. Participants are asked to contribute and upload their material if this is missing. Currently it contains the following documents in the same order:

  • 2 discussion notes on repository registries (April/May 2015)
  • a first discussion document (March 2015)
  • 2 slides sets from Paris plenary (September 2015)
  • DFIG Session report from Paris plenary incl. statements on RepReg activties  (Sept. 2015)
  • CLARIN Federation Regsitry (Sept. 2015)
  • EUDAT Federation Registry (Sept. 2015)
  • plans and 3 slide sets for the BoF at San Diego plenary (March 2015)
  • presentation from Karmela
  • contribution from Peter Quilton

Several of these slides include schemas which can be found also on the schemas page in reduced form.

We should add that Karmela gave a presentation at the end where she expected help to start activities in her scientific domain. We could not help her so much helas.