Repository Registry: Activities for building the collection registry

One of the concerns within the RDA DFIG discussions was that currently RDA does not have interesting information relevant to data users on its web-site. One option therefore could be to build a simple to use Collection Discovery Tool which includes descriptions of major domain repositories and their main collections that are ready to be used and make this tool available via the RDA frong web-page. The underlying schema for this Collection Discovery Tool would be very simple and the repositories would have to maintain the information and offer it via suitable mechanisms for harvesting:

  • repository name
  • URL
  • short description
  • short description of accessible collections
  • link to re3data, etc.

Such a tool would be complementary to registries such as re3data which have human readable information about a huge number of repositories.

Robert Hanisch, Herman Stehouwer and Michael Witt agreed to push this forward asap so that at one of the next plenaries we can show the tool.