Web Conference to Discuss Possible Group Output

12 Jun 2017
Groups audience: 

Hello all,

The chairs of the DFIG would like to invite the members of the group to participate in a web conference to discuss the possiblity of submitting a revised version of the  "Recommendations for Implementing a Virtual Layer for Management of the Complete Life Cycle of Scientific Data" (http://doi.org/10.23728/b2share.a921cfe6422544ec96302f60dece7393) as an official supporting output of the DFIG.

We would like everyone to have a chance to weigh in, and would hope to conclude the discussion at P10 with a plan of action on this.

I have set up a doodle poll to try to find a time for this discussion that the majority of those interested can attend. 

If you would like to take part in this discussion, please provide your availability at :


Thank you!