Virtual meeting to discuss data fabric vocabulary issues

19 Jan 2016
Groups audience: 

It has been noted that there is little time at Plenaries to handle DF vocabulary issues.  Certainly this was true of P6. But on the other hand it is dangerous to ignore them. 

As a compromise and preparation for P7 I have requested a 90 telecom slot for Monday, January 25th starting at 10 am Easter Time US (which I hope will work for most interested parties). Some terms about repository registeries, for example, have been entered into the RDA DFT term tool, for example based on recent DF discussions and posts.

This proposed meeting will be an opportunity to discuss some of the troublesome DF terms (and maybe other ones) in context to see if we can develop some working draft definitions that can be firmed up over time.

If interested people can respond here with candidate terms or issues and perhaps working definitions.