Topic for discussion at tomorrow's Plenary session: Supporting output on virtual layer recommendations and GDOC

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19 Sep 2017
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Hello all,
One of the topics for tomorrow's P10 session of the Data Fabric Interest
Group will be discussion of the attached document,/"Recommendations for
Implementing a Virtual Layer for Management of the Complete Life Cycle
of Scientific Data//," /as an official output of the group.
This is a revised version of a white paper that was published early this
year. The original version of the paper can be found here:
The main body of the white paper is unchanged. We've edited the appendix
B with a bit more detail on the GDOC concept.
Hope to see most of you tomorrow at for the discussion! The session is
scheduled for Breakout 3 at 16:00. Further information on the agenda
and remote participation options are available at

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