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23 Jan 2017
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Dear Data Fabric colleagues,
now after the change of the year we should get more active again via the list. Here are two issues to of relevance:
- A group of experts from the realm of the DFIG and other closely active groups finished a recommendations note that was requested by DG RTD of the European Commission due to a deadline. We stopped now asking for even more supporters but will put this document at the DFIG site for commenting and supporting. The document is citable and can be found here:
Recommendations for Implementing a Virtual Layer for Management of the Complete Life Cycle of Scientific Data
We can only hope that concrete actions will follow soon.
- At the Denver meeting we agreed to build a "charrette", which we better like to call a focus area, on the PID topic. For the Barcelona plenary we requested a session to discuss these issues in depth. In addition to what can be found on the DFIG web-site another paper about PID usage was created in the realm of the European expert discussions (see second attachment). Very soon an email will follow to invite everyone interested to a virtual meeting on PID with improved documents. So be prepared to participate if you are interested. I need to update the web-pages on this.
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