Re: USE CASE Submission TO IG AND WG RDA global data sharing GOOD PRACTICE Heidelberg University- IWR

13 Jun 2015

Dear Hubert,
I am so happy experiencing and navigating through the excellent - edge work you are doing in the
IWR - Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing at the Heidelberg University.
I would propose that you may register as a representative of the IWR- Heidelberg University and submit the USE CASE inside the RDA DATA FABRIC IG.
I have two questions so to learn more about the exciting work I have navigated to...
First of all, how the functionality of DIFFERENCE in the Versioning History is taking place?
and secondly, do you find it enough, robust, efficiently secure to archive with the MD5 checksums?
After all, the doi and XML are great archiving prototyping choices, yes. And Linked Data publishing maybe as well, do you think, this, it would be an option?
Furthermore what are the ontology schemes and metadata standards of THE ASTONISHING DATAVERSE PROJECT, in which Heidelberg University is a main consortium partner?
I was amazed by the elegance of the Data Architecture Approach both of the Heidelberg Library University and DATAVERSE PROJECT
and of the speed so high- resolution data are becoming available with the most friendly UX experience.
Congratulations to you and to all contributors, THANK YOU for letting me know the case specific implementation at the Heidelberg Library University.
I shall refer back and forth to my future studies, for sure.
I propose it would be very valuable for the Research Data Alliance Organization to be shown, your work and of Heidelberg Library University as a use case, especially in the IG RDA DATA FABRIC
please see here for more for the last engagement of all RDA IG DATA FABRIC members.
PS. We keep in touch.
Warm Regards and
Sincerely Yours,
Eleni Panagou MSc DIPL.- Inf.
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of the University of The Aegean
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