Data Fabric Sessions in Barcelona: Topics include PIDs, Brokering and Education/Training

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10 Mar 2017
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Data Fabric IG Members:
Just a reminder about the sessions we have scheduled for P9 in
Barcelona. We hope you will participate!
*Breakout 3, 5 April 2017 16:00-17:30**
*Joint Session of IG Brokering, IG Data Fabric: Advancing Data Fabric
with Brokering services*
/Primary meeting objective:/ Develop a set of workflow patterns using
brokers for mediation between the core components of the Data Fabric to
meet the needs of various use cases.
*Breakout 4, 6 April 2017 9:30-111:00*
*Spinoff Session: BoF on Remaining PID Challenges*
/Primary meeting objective:/ with growing consensus on use of Handles
and DOIs to assign PIDs with Digital Objects, there remain some concrete
issues to be solved. Some of these will be presented and discussed and
we will work towards identifying remaining areas of agreement and
disagrement and next steps.
(updated documents coming soon)
*Breakout 5, 6 April 11:00-13:00**
**Core Session*
/Primary meeting objective: / we will give overviews of the state of
activities, briefly discuss all issues and focus on a few specific
issues including election of a new co-chair, various action items, and
the state of the Global Digital Object Cloud efforts.
*Breakout 6, 6 April 14:00-15:30**
**Joint meeting: IG Data Fabric, IG Education and Training on handling
of research data**
/Primary meeting objective:/ this is a working session in which we aim
to make concrete plans for organizing (including identifying options for
funding, etc.) a series of workshops to train members of the research
community (both inside and outside of RDA) on RDA outputs as core
components of the Data Fabric.
(further details coming soon)
*Breakout 7, 7 April 9:00-10:300**
**Recommendations Session*
/Primary meeting objective:/ This is a working meeting to bring to
resolution the activity of the first of the charrettes agreed to at P8,
that on PIDs. This session is meant to find agreements on the
assertions that have been gathered and identify areas of disagreement.
The meeting will not give wide explanations but expect that participants
read the material.
(updated documents coming soon)