Re: [rda-datafabric-ig][rda-dft][rda-collection-wg] Re: [rda-datafabric-ig][rda-collection-wg] Some thoughts on "Data Aggregations" terminology & concepts

18 Apr 2016

If I am following correctly (and please disregard if not) a key question to
formulating the definition is how digital objects are identified (and
whether they have to be). That is, they might be identified by a formal ID,
or by a query, or by some other method (including that someone might say a
collection of bits--which themselves might have no identifying features,
though they could collectively be described--make up the collection or
entity they are interested in understanding as a collected whole).
I am missing some of the context, but it seems that part of the purpose of
the definitions (for collection and aggregation) is to set a minimum bar to
be considered a collection or aggregation, rather than to describe the
different types of collections or aggregations that might exist. Is this
correct? I think the answer could point to the right level of
granularity/specificity in the definition. Setting a bar would allow more
specificity, while describing any collection might result in a definition
like, a collection is an entity that is described or identified in some way
and consists of individual parts which can be described or identified in
some way (and may or may not be arranged by a community for a particular