DDPIG Task Forces

The following table of potential focus areas was derived from inputs received during the Kickoff meeting of the Data Discovery Paradigms IG at RDA Plenary #8

Potential focus areas for the Data Discovery Interest Group Category
Guidelines for making your data findable! Best practices based on experiences.  Standards & Best Practices
Identify core elements of Findability Standards & Best Practices
Different discovery platforms for Open Search, science-focused OS profile? Standards & Best Practices
Common APIs (e.g. OpenSearch) Study
Deduplication and cross-repository issues Study
Metadata standards to enhance data discovery, e.g. schema.org and such Standards & Best Practices
Measures of data quality: and impact of findability Standards & Best Practices
Implementing schema.org as it exists! How does it apply to science?  Standards & Best Practices
Identifiers and how they help in search Study
Data citation: how do we access/use? Defer to Data Citation WG
Relevancy ranking for structured data? Study
Enrichment tools for faceting and ranking Study
Domain-specific vs. generic issues: interfaces and enrichment Study
Models and methods of personalization Study
Automated integration of records; granularity and findability Study
Upper-level ontologies for search Semantics
“Return to the semantic”: schema has been populated by crowdsourcing rather than 1 researcher. Semantics
Creating test collections for search evaluation and methods of evaluation Tools & Testing
Collections and granules: build tool that enables guidance for data submitters on how data is organized Tools & Testing
Define series of reference datasets – can be used to do these metrics Tools & Testing
Identify list of prototyping tools, use by WG! Tools & Testing
Identify collections of use cases for users: e.g. browsing vs search Use Cases
Cross over between domains: how to enable cross-walk between domains Study

After merging the following list was voted on, resulting in the ranking below:

  1. Best Practices for making data findable
  2. Use cases, prototyping tools and test collections
  3. Metadata enrichment
  4. Cataloging common API's
  5. Relevancy ranking
  6. Granularity, domain-specific cross-domain issues
  7. De-duplication of search results
  8. Using upper-level ontologies
  9. Search personalisation

Tasks forces were formed for the top 5. These are their wiki pages, where notes and outputs will be posted. These pages are viewable by anyone who has joined the DDPIG.

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