Best Practices for Making Data Findable Task Force Wiki

This is the Main Wiki page of the Best Practices for Making Data Findable Task Force

Task Force Co-Leads:  
Anita de Waard
Jeffrey Grethe
William Michener
Mingfang Wu

Natalia Atkins
Cunera Buys
Peter Cotroneo
Antica Culina
Robert Downs
Martin Fenner
Kathleen Fontaine
Øystein Godøy
Edit Herczog
Beth Huffer
Siri Jodha Khalsa
Jens Klump
Jennie Larkin
Ronald Margolis
Jun-ichi Onami
Eleonora Presani
Fotis Psomopoulos
Vanessa Raymond
Adam Shepherd
Margaret Spyker
Ville Tenhunen
Matthew Viljoen


This task force “Best Practices for Making Data Findable” aims to explore current practices of making data finable and to recommend best practices to the data community.


The task force identify three key actors involved in data discovery, they are:

  • Data Provider:  is a type of agent responsible for the creation and/or dissemination, accessibility of data to a consumer
  • Data Repository: provides a service for human and machine to make data discoverable/searchable through collection(s) of metadata
  • Data Seeker:  searches for data to satisfy a need for data


The task force has drafted three best practices for each identified actor in their role to make data discoverable:

There is also an ongoing activity on

Next Steps

This task force will seek comments from the group members, other RDA IG/WG, and data community at large, and incorporate comments into final version.


This task force has a virtual meeting every four weeks. The notes from each meeting is available for the task force’s wiki page.